A Day of Weaponized Digital Technologies in the Philippines

October 6, 2021—Two remarkable events that highlight the Duterte regime’s weaponization of digital technologies to hijack our communications rights took place today.

Face of Digital Divide - The Urban Poor Situation in the Philippines during the Covid-19 pandemic


Sitio San Roque is an urban poor settlement located in Barangay Bagong Pag-Asa, North Triangle, Quezon City in the Philippines. It is a property owned by the National Housing Authority, a government agency responsible for public housing in the Philippines. Before the threats of demolition, this urban poor community had about 100,000 residents. They are at risk of completely being eradicated in the area since the 256 hectare land is being converted into a “Mix-Use Community” for residential and commercial use. The ongoing construction of high rise condominiums is caving inch by inch at the difficult yet peaceful community.

Overview of State of Digitalization of Manufacturing Industries and Finance


This paper discusses and provides a general picture of the state of digitalization in the manufacturing and finance industry of the Philippines. It also lays down the perennial and pressing issues that the two industries are facing in digitizing, as well as the responses of the public and private sector on this phenomenon. The study reveals that although the government and private sector made efforts to digitalize the manufacturing and finance industries, the process of digitalization remains at the outset and concentrated on urban and private companies, rendering the few people to not experience its benefits fully while pushing the majority of the Filipino society to be left behind. The paper also emphasizes that the failure of the Philippine government—both the past and present—to push for national industrialization remains the root cause of the failure to fully take-off for the digitalization of manufacturing and finance industries.

Overview of Digitalization of Service Industry and Government Services in the Philippines


The Overview of Digitalization in Government Services and Service Industry discusses the overall state of digitalization, challenges, and future prospects on these two key economic sectors. Although the government services and service industries are two of the most long-standing and important sectors of the economy and society, the process of improvement through digitalization is still sporadic and disintegrated and is poorly performing in comparison with its neighboring countries largely because of poor ICT infrastructure in the Philippines, especially on the side of the former despite of the impetus that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. The paper suggests that aside from addressing the long-standing issue of poor ICT infrastructure and national industrialization, a shift of focus from the government to maximize digitalization for the people would not only be a beneficial for the people because of the new normal set-up, but would also push the service industry to adapt a similar outlook on their part.