26 August 2021

Digital Justice Perception Survey

A research on Filipinos' perception on Digital Justice


The Digital Justice Perception Survey (DJPS) of the Philippine Digital Justice Initiative (PHDJI) is research whose aim is to gather the perception and gauge the level of literacy of Filipinos regarding data justice and other substantially related issues. With internet-connected citizens of Metro Manila participating in the survey, it was found that a significant portion of respondents is still unequipped on the concepts of digitalization and digital justice despite the stated confidence and familiarity on their part. Although some are knowledgeable on the basics, a huge portion is still either neutral or unaware of the topic of digital justice and the like. This research concludes that further educational campaigns (preferably specialized) and movements to educate and equip the public are very much needed, especially with the rapidity of digitalization intensified by the ongoing pandemic.

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